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Our irrigation system techs in Salem at Advanced Irrigation & Backflow know all about irrigation, backflow testing, sprinkler systems, service & repairs. We care about your lawn & landscapes in the Salem area which is why we specialize in commercial & residential irrigation in locations around Salem such as office buildings, apartments, sports fields, schools and many others.  Our backflow testing experts are trained and diverse in the many ways of how water backflow can effect your water source which is why you should not leave it to anyone else besides a professional.  Please enjoy our website and contact us today with any irrigation or backflow questions.  We look forward to serving you!


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Salem Irrigation repair, installation & backflow testing provider

Benefits of Backflow Prevention


Increased Water Quality

Water quality is essential to any home or business.  Backflow is the result of water reversal and can lead to pollution and contamination of a property’s clean water supply.


Healthy Living

Water contamination can be a problem that you may not know you have.  Annual testing is important to ensure the safety of everyone in the household or business.